Using Sound with the mind and the body is an ancient technique used to connect to the Soul, benefits include:

  •   Stress Reduction & Release

  • Pain Management

  • Relaxation 

  • Bringing Calmness & Peace

  • Creating Clarity and Healing

  • Aids in moving through Life's Challenges

  • Deep Soul Connection

  • Improved Memory & Concentration

  • Heightened Awareness

  • Improved Sleep & Creativity  

$150 per single session
Bundle of 3 sessions; $435
Monthly Sound Sessions $400 (1 session per week)

Taster, Single, and or Group Sessions are available.
Sessions are in person or by phone or video

One of Susan's primary go to tools through her own experiences has been the use of sound sessions, both on a personal level and

that of other people's feedback of their Sound Sessions. Susan has, through communication with the Soul, been told that Sound is Light and Information that carries on waves through the body to the Soul and beyond, for years.


Sound is one of the paths to connect to the Soul. With the silence of the mind, the stillness of the body, and the spaciousness of the heart, the connection and conversation with Soul is the most natural Space to be in to receive information for deeper reflection of our life, and the path we are on. Transformation and change is easily achievable once we acknowledge that our life may not be workng the way we want. As we are open and willing to asking for change with ease, joy and grace, our life can be happier, healther and abundant in all parts of our world.                          

Guided Meditation Instant Downloads

The Land of Limitless Possibilities, with Sound – Guided Meditation for Greater Awareness                                                                                                              

This is a powerful guided meditation using imagery and visualization to play in the Land of Limitless Possibilities, a place of unlimited options and a way to review your life in this moment.


True awareness is one of the most beneficial choices you can make if there is any area of your life you would like to change. The Land of Limitless Possibilities allows you to dive into your sub-conscious mind to get answers and information you may feel is currently out of your reach. Because your brain does not know the difference between imagination and real time events, this meditation can also be a great tool to harness the power of imagery to create your future.


You will be given the following tools to play with in and on the Land of Limitless Possibilities:

  • Learn how to connect with your own Truth with muscle testing through the body.

  • Meet with your Energetic Support Team, other Spirit Helpers, Ascended Teachers, Angel, and or Ancestors.

  • Use as an easy way to connect to your gentle awareness/request or ask questions.

  • Use the imagery of energetic Light to balance and calm the mind and body.

  • Connect with and welcome your Soul to your energetic playground.

  • Walk on the Universal Crystal Grid which surrounds the Earth, giving you a connection to everyone and everything.



Playing on this Land is only the starting point of how you can change your life through compassion, love and letting go of the judgment of you. 


Just imagine your life, through seeing, feeling, or knowing what hasn't worked for you, and what you could now use your imagination and take one step forward to happiness, ease, and peace?


NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for the meditation to be delivered via e-mail. I send you much love and blessings.