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 Energetic Medbed Sessions: space and allowance for cell talk, body healing, and surrounded with love.

Image by Diego PH

$200 per session
Sessions are in person or by phone or video

Welcome to my invitation to experience an Energetic Medbed session. There is information on the internet that the theory, design and origin of  medbeds that comes from a variety of sources. Some articles state that medbeds were originally designed with Tesla technology, some articles state that the origin and design were introduced to the human race by Beings from another place.


The theory is that the medbeds could be used to replace limbs, blast cancer or other tumors within the body, and dramatically speed up cell growth to a state of anti-aging. The design of these medbeds and the technology to operate these medbeds to help humans has been hidden from our world for a long time.  

What if you are able to create your own inner medbed and self scanning and diagnostic system, to find the cell or cells that bring you to your own knowing and wisdom of how your body organs, systems, brain, skeletal system, energy centres can operate at an optimal level for your health and wellbeing?

I will guide you to such a place and space within your own being, helping you to connect with your Divine Intelligence, which I consider is your Higher Self/Your Soul, to connect to your body wisdom, with the support and love from God/ Creator of All That Is.

This process is as simple as closing your eyes, relaxing on a comfortable surface, exploring the inner workings of your body that come to the surface of our energy time together, knowing that you are safe and loved in the arms of God's light and love.

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