Sanctuary of Light; An energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual conversation.

Image by Diego PH

$75 for single sessions

$50 per person for group sessions
Sessions are in person or by phone or video

The Sanctuary of Light connection came to Susan at a time when a close family member passed on suddenly. Within hours of this family member leaving the earthly plane, she received the information energetically in her thoughts, that she could connect with and receive messages and have a conversation by opening up her mind and heart to this dear family member. 

The connection with Loved Ones who have passed is easily accomplished, and Susan will guide family members and or friends to begin a deeply healing conversation, that sometimes may have been waiting for years to take place. Very often those unresolved words and emotions can be said, shared and then allowed to create a peaceful and calm connection with family, and or friends for both sides of the earthly veil.


Love can be felt throughout the connection with those on the other side, as Love transforms emotions, feelings, thoughts, and even physical challenges of the layers of grief and loss that are often wrapped around the heart. Transmutation  or the dissolving of the holding of grief and other heavy emotions is a beautiful way of living a happier life.