What I love about Sound Healing

Sound Healing has shown me the most profound and simple way to connect with the Soul.

I connect with the Soul to help me to remember my path here on Earth or more simply what my soul purpose is.

It may be as simple as offering a session of Sound Healing or laughing at the crazy way I interpret chaos. Sound Healing helps others to settle in, and be still and listen to what the Soul is telling them. Laughing at chaos that may be happening in my life shows me not to take life situations so seriously. Laughing at yourself also helps you to find kindness with your choices, and so what if those choices didn't work out; choose something else.

Sound Healing shows you that life can be a place of lightness or easiness about the crazy that is going around you, in your home or workplace, and you can really just laugh and let go for the present moment or right now.

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