My Experience; Cancer doesn't need to be a life or death choice; part 1

Often in today's society, the majority of people have the point of view or belief that cancer is the end of living as they know it. The word cancer also often strikes fear, anxiety, hopelessness and other emotions in the mind. Most people get ready to die, to give up, to lay down and give up the

"will to live" when they have been told they have a diagnosis of cancer by the medical authorities.

My life was moving along swimmingly at the beginning of August 2019; I had just been given an opportunity to go on a trip with a friend whom I considered as someone who lives life luxuriously to the fullest. This trip could well be all of that and more. I had a medical appointment with my family physician shortly after that conversation with my friend as I had a sense that something was not quite working or functioning in my body. I had a menstrual cycle which, at my age, was out of the norm. My doctor did not have any significant worries or concerns, however he suggested that I follow up with a specialist to rule out anything out of the norm.

Within approximately three weeks of the appointment with the specialist, on August 27, 2019 I had my first surgery. The specialist also stated that she did not have any immediate concerns and that a biopsy, a look around would answer any questions or concerns for me. That surgery did not ring any bells, or raise any concerns for me, because I was a "healer" and I knew what was happening in my body; I had years of experience in paying attention to any energetic signs that something was " off" with my body.

On September 10, 2019 I met with the specialist and she gave me the news. I had been given a diagnosis of cancer. She had strongly suggested that I have a complete hysterectomy as she had found cysts which looked like cancer. At that moment in time I knew I had to get clear, make a decision of what the rest of my life was going to look like.

So. I wonder what your life has been for you? Has it been easy, even with challenges, or has living been the hardest thing you've been struggling with?

Stay tuned for My Experience, Cancer does not have to be a life or death choice- Part 2, where I will share insights on how I got through this life changing opportunity of living my life with peace, laughter, a few tears, and the deepest appreciation for all that I've learned about me( my Infinite Being or Soul), my body, my relationships, money, love, healing, and joy.

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