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Light Beings; We are living in interesting times

We are humans on earth, humans with souls. At this time on earth, there is much being felt by us humans; distress, fear, anger, feeling alone with no help. We as humans are also attempting to move through these times of the unknown of how our health, our economy and our loved ones can be safe and well.

Light Beings, who come from some place and time that I do not know of, have made their presence known to the humans here on the Earth,. The Light Beings come with love, kindness, no judgement, and guidance on our journey through these challenging times. The Light Beings are not here to give us the answers to all of our challenges, or to tell us what to do.

The Light Beings know, as we do, that us humans are smart and resilient and will get through all of this goings on here on Earth. The Light Beings above all, are here, making their Light known as one of the sources we can tap into, call on, to move through the fear, and other emotions that are at times are ruling our common sense and our minds.

The Light Beings are simply here as a source of Light to add to our own Light, which makes our connection to our Soul, and Source/Creation/God, easier and a deep source of comfort. Our own Light is within us, our heart, which is made of kindness, peace, joy, and love. The Light Beings shine on us to help us remember all that is within our Light. That is it, as simply or as complex as we as humans would like to make it all.

What can I do for you today? Are you asking for a connection to your own Light, your Soul, your connection to Source/Creation/God?

Please feel free to listen to my clip of Sound Healing-Light Beings, which may help you find peace and light in your world today.

I send you Blessings of Deep and Wide Love.

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