• Susan Rivest

June Special: Private Remote Sound Healing Session + Bonus Meditation

Sound Healing is an energetic tool that helps people to have more calm, restored energy, and clarity with their body and mind. Various physical instruments such as brass singing bowls, crystal singing bowl, rattles, drum and or bells add a settling and peaceful part to a person's hectic and sometimes anxious life.

As the body starts to calm and settle, there is a quietness and stillness and the mind may wander to various thoughts and emotions during a Sound Healing session. When the body gets more still and quiet, the emotions may be less important, and at times the emotions are valuable as they bring up energy that is not flowing within the body. The emotions can be released, let go, and drift away with no further need to remain in the body and or mind.

The sound waves of the instruments used during the session start to help dissolve the stuck energy within the body, thus allowing for a place of restoration, re-calibration, and a renewed sense of ease.

When the body and the mind are quiet and calm, the love and compassion of the Soul can be heard and felt and healing, change, and transformation can begin.

Your live session is done by phone and or Zoom video and is available for June 2020 at $99. You will also receive a guided audio meditation to the Land of Infinite Possibilities, regular price of $45. This stand alone meditation can be used to create a new way of looking at your life by shifting the energy of what is not working for you at this moment.

To schedule your private session and take advantage of this June 2020 Special, please contact Susan directly.

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