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Express Yourself!

I have noticed that much of today's world is in a state of uncertainty, anxiety, fear, anger, and other emotions. For many, our health, economics, and relationships have been affected by the virus circling and surrounding almost everything we do.

When we have to often, be politically correct, or make sure that everything we post on social media, or what we say to another person is true-to someone else's view of the truth, this kind of constant state of being hyper aware of it all can be exhausting, to the body and to the mind. I've read and spoken with people who are struggling with sleep disorders, depression, rage and reactions and other physical and emotional responses to this state of daily crazy, and almost no calm and peace in our minds and bodies.

What am I doing through all of this daily ups and downs of life? Most days I can be responsive, as in be kind to myself and others that I talk with in person, or on social medial. When I can be an observer and be neutral, with love and compassion about that other person's emotional state, I settle into a place of peace within my mind and body.

There are moments in my life when I go into, and go back to a pattern of reaction with fear, anxiety, or a few times, swearing when someone has said or done that may or may not impact me or hurt me in a physical or emotional way. This has been a pattern for me of taking on other people's emotions and reactions in an energetic way, to either make them right in their response to life experiences, or making myself wrong for not seeing their point of view or their truth. I've taken on those emotions and reactions that are not mine, in a sympathetic or empathic way, to either "save" them from being emotionally hurt in life, or I've attempted to avoid conflict with another person.

When I've reacted to situations or people saying something that doesn't ring true for me, my body starts to also reacts; my breath is shorter, I start to breathe faster and more shallow, to get more oxygen into my body, I sometimes start to physically pace faster and faster, and my mind seems to start to shut down and only the words or situations of another are all I can think about.

Reactions to situations or to what people say or do, does not work for me. I know that my body sleeps better and is more settled when I respond with kindness and compassion to life's stuff, for me and for other people. This may be a simple way of going through life, either responding or reacting.

However what I know without a doubt, is that I will be perfectly fine if I do have conflict with another person, that my words of kindness may or may not settle another person's state of mind. It's ok for me to express myself, say what I know is my truth, what works for me, and when I deeply and sincerely love and adore myself, what others say or do, doesn't affect me, I do not require or need that another person's validation or approval, and that's ok with me.

Speak your truth, say what is important to you, and when you do this with a bigger view of how you can teach another how to be kind and caring, this is what changes and transforms and shifts the world to a place of peace and happiness.

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