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An Invitation to Sound

Recently I was invited to share my expertise, my knowing and my love of Sound Sessions, the instruments, or toys as I like to call them, as I so enjoy sharing what is possible with Sound, the bodies, Light, and Information. The gathering of like minded humans thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon as did I. I realized that once I left the acreage, I knew that this was no ordinary afternoon.

The energy of the singing bowls, tuning forks, our voices and the Beings of Light, an energetic group from somewhere out there, brought much information, change, and deep reflection for myself and perhaps the other humans who were there. I noted that my body felt full to the brim of energy, unlike any other experience of playing with Sound and the instruments/toys.

Once I returned home, and was able to have food, water and sleep, I awoke to the realization that there are bodies/humans who would enjoy, and or require a simple process of connecting with Sound. Humans can connect with their mind, emotions, and or physical challenges by allowing a four step process to shift some outdated thinking or feelings:

Connect with the heart's desire, or the next step on our life's path by opening to:

+feeling safe, loved, and nurtured

+seeing resistance, being in allowance, releasing all that holds us back

+connect with Divine Timing to move in the Magic of what is actually possible

+rest, transform and be in the grace filled strands of Light called Love

The interaction with the waves, frequencies, and vibrations of this intuitive Sound Session between the bodies, minds and the Soul of the humans who come to play can be as casual and light as butterflies in the summer. The Sound Session can be also as deeply transformative as is required for waves of Grace, Ease, Choice, and an open invitation to a happier life to move through all parts of the body, the mind, the emotions and bond and connect with Soul.

To schedule your private session and or group sessions please contact Susan directly.

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