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Susan Rivest is  an Energy Intuitive, Sound Practitioner, and Natural Healer through and with Source Energy. Susan was born and raised in Saskatoon and Prince Albert Saskatchewan respectively.


Susan been involved within the healing community for over 20+ years. She has trained in various energetic modalities: Bodytalk, Theta Healing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Shamanic Journey, Reconnective Healing, and Sound Healing.


Since coming through her own personal experience, Susan has seen the value and the importance of taking back your own life, living for your own joy, and still finding the simple things during your day that make you giggle or laugh.


Yes, life can be tough sometimes and perhaps a bit daunting, however when you use Grace and Ease and Choice, there is always another option to look at, and most importantly to let go of judging yourself especially when what you chose didn't quite go the way you thought it would. 


Susan is here to show you that life and its challenges can be as simple as choosing something different, just one degree difference could change your entire outlook on life.

Listen to Susan's Sound clips on SoundCloud Here.

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